We are K Business Group Inc. doing business as Brands by K, and we own the OVONIQ Natural Supplement brand.
We manufacture and distribute food, personal care, and nutrition products.
We want you to eat good, look good, and feel good!

As a company focused on health and wellness, it was time we brought you the products that made sense in todays climate. OVONIQ brings you a nice selection of nutrition products that takes the guess work out of so many choices.

The team for OVONIQ, makes sure that the products and formulas meet the needs of our consumers. What we say on the product specifications is in the products.  They are validated by science, we will not compromise our integrity. We pride ourselves in the quality and the results our products deliver.
We will deliver the best quality so our consumers can achieve their desired goals.

Our Mission

To excel everyday is our mantra, and that has been the major strength of the Team at OVONIQ, and with all Brands By K. The rich experience of 15 years in the Nutraceutical industry ( Nutritional natural supplements) gives us an edge over the new players in the field.
OVONIQ is available to all in easy & efficient ways. We decided to distribute our brand through word of mouth and help many earn their way to achieve their financial goals.

By Managing Affiliate Partners & our supplies, quality standards and timely delivery is the commitment that OVONIQ  provides to all our customers.

Our Vision

To provide quality health supplements to our consumers worldwide. We seek a global community that will take all the daily requirements for essential nutrition to become fit and healthy.

Quality Matters

The OVONIQ journey has been remarkable we care fully select supplement beeds by analysing the gaps in specific lifestyles. This one has the Keto and low card cummunity at heart. and so our product selections are those with built up the reputation for being Safe and of Quality manufacturing in FDA  Approved facilities. Note our line is made with vegetable bases, though not certified, the are safe for vegetarian and halal markets.